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Part worn or new tyres?


We do not sell any part worn tyres. Although they may seem like a cheap alternative at first, they will not offer you good value for money in the long term. Rather than just considering the initial purchase price, drivers should look at the cost per mm of a tyre.


Neil came to us with his Ford Fiesta:

Tyre Size: 195/45/16

Part Worn Tyre Quote: £40.00

Our Brand-New Tyre Quote: £48.00

Our price includes fitting!

Remember you are buying a used product and can end up spending more continually replacing part-worn tyres compared to cost and life-span of a brand-new tyre. Our staff are always happy to quote you the best price on the tyres of your choice and offer you any advice

Always check that that your tyres meet safety standards. Make sure to check your pressures are correct and your tread depth is more than 2mm. Our staff are always on hand to help.

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